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60 MINUTES 6/17 (6/2018)

The Drug Enforcement Administration's plan to crack down on the opioid epidemic was thwarted - as the number of drug related deaths continue to rise. In a joint investigation with The Washington Post -- Bill Whitaker learns more. Plus -- Anderson Cooper sits down with acclaimed actor Donald Sutherland. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 6/10 (6/2018)

All eyes will be on Singapore this week -- as President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un meet for the highly anticipated summit. Here's CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin with a preview of what to expect. Lesley Stahl will introduce us to Brad Parscale -- who played a key role in the president's election. He is known only as JR -- an artist whose work is displayed around the world. Anderson Cooper has his story on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 06/03 (6/2018)

Afghan soldiers are dying in unprecedented numbers. Lara Logan sits down with the president of Afghanistan to discuss the increasing danger in Kabul. Anderson Cooper talks with Chef Jose Andres about his mission to feed millions in Puerto Rico. And Steve Kroft tells us about the "The Greek Freak." Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 5/27 (5/2018)

On this Veteran's Day weekend -- Bill Whitaker shares a cautionary tale of how five U.S. soldiers -- including two Green Berets -- died -- when they were hit by a bomb that was dropped by an AMERICAN warplane. There's a conservative effort to protect rhinos from poachers -- who are being targeted for their horns. Lara Logan introduces us to South African rancher John Hume -- who has his own way of savings the rhinos -- on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES5/20 (5/2018)

In their first television interviews -- former employees of Theranos -- a health technology company -- provide Norah O'Donnell with an inside look at the now disgraced company. Anderson Cooper speaks with the alleged sex assault victims of restaurateurs Mario Batali and Ken Friedman. Plus -- how much power does Google hold? Steve Kroft finds out on this week's "60 Minutes."


Filmmaker Wim Wenders used a device called an Interrotron to make it feel like the pope is talking to the viewer. 60 Minutes gets an early look.

60 MINUTES 5/13 (5/2018)

100-thousand women have filed a lawsuit over a device -- similar to plastic -- that resulted in several post-surgery injuries. Scott Pelley reports. Bill Whitaker explains how the opioid epidemic is effecting the older generation. Plus -- is shock therapy REALLY as bad as it seems? Anderson Cooper finds out on this week's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 5/6 (5/2018)

One U.S city is fighting back against the pharmaceutical industry -- as prescription drug prices continue to rise. Lesley Stahl reports. The ongoing conflict in Syria has left thousands of children orphaned. Scott Pelley introduces us to the humanitarians who are lending a hand. Plus -- Anderson Cooper showcases the work of renowned wildlife photographer Thomas D.Mangelsen.

60 MINUTES 4/29 (4/2018)

Bill Whitaker reports on a new gene editing tool -- that is revolutionizing biomedical research. For nearly 20-years -- Bill and Melinda Gates have sent 20-thousand disadvantaged students to college. Scott Pelley talks to some of the students who benefited from the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Lesley Stahl reports on a new type of farming -- with seaweed. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES: 4/22 (4/2018)

Aleksandr Kogan -- the app developer at the heart of the Facebook privacy scandal -- weighs in on the Cambridge Analytica controversy. We go inside MIT's Media Lab -- where scientists are turning futuristic ideas into present day possibilities. Plus -- a decade long look into the progression of an Alzheimer's patient. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."