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60 MINUTES 08/12 (8/2018)

Bill Whitaker goes behind the scenes of cyber assaults on U.S. voting systems. Oprah Winfrey reports on a monument dedicated to the thousands of African Americans who have been lynched. Dr. Jon LaPook sits down with a couple, of which the wife has Alzheimer's disease. "60 Minutes" has interviewed them yearly for the past decade to illustrate the disease's impact. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 08/05 (8/2018)

A Chicago surgeon is putting his life on the line in Syria -- to help save victims of Syria's civil war. Scott Pelley shares his story. Jon Wertheim travels to San Francisco -- where a 645-foot skyscraper has been sinking and leaning since it was built in 2006. Actress Jennifer Lawrence has an Oscar, a Golden Globe and many nominations -- but you may be surprised to know that she does not have a high school diploma. Bill Whitaker has her story on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 7/29 (7/2018)

Scott Pelley interviews an undercover FBI operative -- who details how he infiltrated al Qaeda and thwarted terror attacks planned for New York and Toronto. Are zookeepers playing God? Lesley Stahl reports on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 7/22 (7/2018)

Oprah Winfrey visits California's Pelican Bay State Prison -- where she reports on the use of solitary confinement. There's a conservative effort to protect rhinos from poachers -- who are being targeted for their horns. Lara Logan introduces us to South African rancher John Hume -- who has his own way of savings the rhinos. After 28 years in space, the Hubble Space Telescope is sending back some of its most beautiful and revealing images from across the vast universe. Bill Whitaker reports.

60 MINUTES 7/15 (7/2018)

As debate over the takedown of Confederate monuments continues, Anderson Cooper examines why and when the statues went up in the first place. Lesley Stahl reports on a new type of farming -- with seaweed. Plus -- Scott Pelley introduces us to Alma Deutscher -- a 12 year old musician who is being called the "Second Mozart." Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 7/8 (7/2018)

Steve Kroft shares a story of redemption. How a former bank robber became a law professor. Anderson Cooper reports on the Voyager space probes, which continue beaming back data 40 years after their launch and remain valuable sources of information. Plus -- Sharyn Alfonsi introduces us to Christian Pulisic -- who could just be the next big soccer star. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 7/1 (7/2018)

War, politics, entertainment, and sports -- here's Steve Kroft, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, and Bill Whitaker with a look back at 50 years of "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 6/24 (6/2018)

The separation of families at the U.S-Southern border is just one issue undocumented immigrants -- human smuggling is another. Scott Pelley reports. Immigration is not the only issue facing the Trump administration. As Bill Whitaker reports -- climate change is another. Plus -- Steve Kroft revisits the Isle of Eigg on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 6/17 (6/2018)

The Drug Enforcement Administration's plan to crack down on the opioid epidemic was thwarted - as the number of drug related deaths continue to rise. In a joint investigation with The Washington Post -- Bill Whitaker learns more. Plus -- Anderson Cooper sits down with acclaimed actor Donald Sutherland. Those stories on tonight's "60 Minutes."

60 MINUTES 6/10 (6/2018)

All eyes will be on Singapore this week -- as President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un meet for the highly anticipated summit. Here's CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin with a preview of what to expect. Lesley Stahl will introduce us to Brad Parscale -- who played a key role in the president's election. He is known only as JR -- an artist whose work is displayed around the world. Anderson Cooper has his story on tonight's "60 Minutes."