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Hunger levels 'more than double' in DR Congo (10/2018)

Hunger levels in the Democratic Republic of Congo have more than doubled since last year, according to a new report. Boko Haram faction kills second aid worker in Nigeria. Ethiopia's prime minister appoints a new cabinet - half are women and they hold key portfolios, such as defence. And we speak to Sudanese painter Hassan Musa about his Chicken Conspiracy show in London.

Gambia Launches A Truth Commission (10/2018)

Testimonies will be heard from victims of Yahyah Jamme's rule 22 year rule in Gambia

Eritrea and Cameroon join UN Human Rights Council (10/2018)

The UN General Assembly has been meeting in New York where it has voted Eritrea, Cameroon, Somalia, Burkina Faso and Togo onto the 18 nation UN Human Rights Council. But independent advocacy groups are unhappy with this, saying that some of these countries are some of the worst violators of human rights + Nearly forty people have died in landslides in eastern Uganda - with fears the death toll could rise + No cash - no bread: Zimbabweans wrestle with a shortage of currency notes and sharp price hikes

Africa's 'youngest billionaire' abducted in Tanzania (10/2018)

One of Africa's richest businessmen has been kidnapped in Tanzania. Mohammed Dewji runs a business empire that deals in a wide range of commercial activities and he's the main sponsor of Tanzanian premier league Simba sports club.

Mental health sufferers chained up in Ghana (10/2018)

A BBC reports exposes how in Ghana people seeking help for mental health issues turn to "prayer camps" who often restrain them with chains and lock them up in cages + We speak to the President of Botswana, who denies reports of a surge in elephant poaching in the country + Zimbabwe's economic hardship triggers KFC shops closure in Harare. We speak to Zimbabwean economist Godfrey Kanyenze on the possible road ahead for the country's economy

Sierra Leone Cancels Major Airport Deal With China (10/2018)

Sierra Leone cancels major airport deal with China; Senegal wins the 2022 Youth Olympics; + #Nomore the Nigerian app helping female students report sexual harassment.

New Climate Change report highlights risks for Africa (10/2018)

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlights risks for the planet ecosystems and human societies, even with a 1.5 degrees increase in global temperatures. Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents despite contributing a small percentage to global emissions. + Nobel Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege of the DRC on being honoured for his work with sexual violence victims

Congolese Gynecologist Dr Mukwege Wins Nobel Peace Prize (10/2018)

Congolese gynecologist Dr Mukwege wins Nobel Peace Prize; Somalia bans former Al-Shabab leader from running in local elections; and our Resident Presidents discuss collapsing currencies.

Cameroon's Upcoming Presidential Election (10/2018)

Cameroon gets ready for their presidential election; Tackling youth unemployment in South Africa; Uganda's Army launches their own condom brand.

Ethiopia's PM Abiy makes a case for unity amid ethnic tensions (10/2018)

Ethiopia's ruling coalition is meeting for the first time since Mr Abiy took office in April. We gauge the mood in the South West English-speaking regions of Cameroon ahead of Sunday's election. Plus, Ugandan MPs halve mobile money tax.