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Arrests over Malawi's 'vampire' lynch mobs (10/2017)

Malawi cracks down on mobs attacking people accused of sucking blood; Kenya's top election official goes on holiday before next week's poll re-run; and the first African to fly solo around the world.

Efforts to break the election stalemate in Kenya hit another snag (10/2017)

Raila Odinga meets with the elections chairman but President Uhuru refuses. Is the political stalemate stoking hate speech? Somalia's president pledges money for civilian defence.

Kenya election officials cast doubt on poll (10/2017)

The Chairman of Kenya's electoral commission says a free, fair and credible election will be difficult. A massive data breach affects millions in South Africa. How are Gambian communities affected by young men leaving the country to find work?

Kenya Election Watch: Roselyn Akombe resigns (10/2017)

What does the resignation of Roselyn Akombe mean for Kenya's rescheduled presidential election? In this special podcast hosted by Dickens Olewe, she describes some of the dysfunction at the electoral commission, and what it might mean going forward.

Somali families turn to social media to find fate of dear ones (10/2017)

How young Somalians are using social media to help families in the aftermath of Mogadishu's bomb explosion; hear from the Gambians who quit their journey and decide to return home

Somalia's death toll rises following blast (10/2017)

As the death toll rises from Somalia's deadliest bombing, eyewitnesses recount the devastation and Kenya's elections boss defends his decision not to quit after August polls were annulled.

Kenya Election Watch: Inside the IEBC (10/2017)

Kenya's Chief Electoral Officer Ezra Chiloba has defended the response to the annulment of the August election, and the IEBC's preparations for the rescheduled poll. The BBC's Dickens Olewe asked him about what went wrong before, what they've learnt, and what is in place for 26 October.

South Africa's appeal court confirms President Zuma should face corruption charges (10/2017)

South Africa's appeal court confirms that President Zuma should face corruption charges. Raila Odinga explains why he won't run in a presidential election he fought for in Kenya. And top Nollywood actresses tell us their experiences of harassment in the entertainment industry.

Kenya Election Watch: Policing protest (10/2017)

Opposition demonstrations have been organised regularly since the August election, and clashes with the police have often turned violent. The BBC's Dickens Olewe questioned top security official and director of Kenya's National Counter Terrorism Centre, Martin Kimani about the role of the police ahead of the rescheduled poll. He also took the opportunity to ask about Kenya's deployment in Somalia.

Business district protests banned in Kenya (10/2017)

Kenya bans opposition protests in key business districts. Fake news and Liberia's presidential polls: election officials say no winner declared yet. And is a dog in the US more likely to get treated for cancer than a person in Nigeria? We'll fact check the claim that led to fierce online debate.