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Are climate change pledges helping small farmers in Africa? (12/2017)

The One Planet Summit is underway in Paris... Pledges have been made to reduce climate change, but what is it that Small farmers in Africa actually want from world leaders? The EU is accused of turning a blind eye to abuses by Libyan coastguards who are complicit in people trafficking. Plus the champion boxer awaiting deportation from the UK despite representing England six times

AU Warning On Isis Returnees (12/2017)

As the so called Islamic State army crumbles under the armed response of the Iraqi and Syrian forces and their allies, the African Union warns about the perils of up to six thousand Africans who fought with the caliphate; What's next for the leadership of South Africa ANC party?; Why having dark skin is still a negative mindset for some. Ghanaian playwright Jocelyn Bioh tackles the issue on stage.

Fourteen UN Peacekeepers Killed In DRC (12/2017)

The attack prompted condemnation from UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres; Gunfire takes place in Cameroon border town as crackdown on separatists continues; South Africa's first female black winemaker.

Zimbabwe Unveils First Post-Mugabe Budget (12/2017)

Zimbabwe unveils first post-Mugabe budget; Liberia’s Supreme Court rules presidential run-off to go ahead; row over sacking of 22,000 teachers in Nigeria.

A Million People Displaced By Violence In DRC (12/2017)

New report says more people were internally displaced in the DR Congo this year than people in other warzones; More homes raided in the English speaking region of Cameroon as people there speak of daily harassment; plus music from the Sierra Leonean artist who takes pride in being a jack of all trades.

Three African Countries Face US Travel Ban (12/2017)

The US Supreme Court has now ruled that Trump's travel ban can go ahead; How a group of environmentalists is tackling the problem of beach littering that is killing marine life; Happiness and fulfilment as welfare goals in southeastern Nigeria.

Mandela's Funeral Scandal (12/2017)

Up to 22 million dollars is said to have been looted by officials as they prepared for Nelson Mandela's funeral four years ago, according to an official investigation; Sierra Leone's main opposition party leader on the political future of the country; The rise of Tanzania's top bonga flava star

Zimbabwe's First Post-Mugabe Cabinet (12/2017)

Despite President Mnangagwa's promise of an "inclusive government" no members of Zimbabwe's opposition are represented in the new cabinet; Plus on World Aids Day - we hear how Africa is doing; We'll be in Russia where the World Cup draw has taken place

African Union And EU Plan To Tackle Human Traffickers (11/2017)

A new initiative to tackle human traffickers in Libya and repatriate Africans from there has been announced at the African Union-European Union Summit in Ivory Coast; Why Malawi has registered millions of people over the age of sixteen for biometric ID cards

Migrant Crisis Dominates EU-Africa Summit (11/2017)

African and EU leaders meet to discuss ways of creating opportunities that would keep young people at home; What solutions for Africa's massive youth unemployment numbers; Why are malaria cases on the increase again after a decline in recent years?