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Cape Town based Somalis fear xenophobic attacks (6/2017)

Fourteen Somali shopkeepers have been killed in Cape Town since the start of the year. Plus Tanzania's government restates its warning that pregnant school girls will not be allowed back in school and Adekunle Gold explains why his music transcends beyond Nigeria's borders.

Controversy over President Buhari's Eid message to Nigerians (6/2017)

Controversy over President Buhari's Eid message to Nigerians Plus four performance artists are arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo for mounting a public exhibition to denounce the deadly violence continuing in Kasai province and the inspirational young leaders who've won an award for providing free menstrual pads to girls in Zambia and Ghana.

Tanzania's President criticised for banning pregnant girls from school (6/2017)

Tanzania's President criticised for banning pregnant girls from school. Remembering - former president of Botswana, Ketumile Masire, who has died. And reactions from Kenya to a tax row that threatens sports sponsorship there.

Uganda praised for its treatment of refugees (6/2017)

Armed men launch attacks in eastern DR Congo. Plus Tanzania's President John Magufuli says schoolgirls who become mothers will not be allowed to go back to school after giving birth and Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda on his new found fame after appearing on a popular British TV show.

Fresh violence in CAR despite peace deal (6/2017)

Around 100 people killed less than 48 hours after a peace deal was signed; life as an urban refugee in Kampala; the first South Sudanese recipient of an MBE

Kenya Election Watch 4 (6/2017)

A special weekly podcast from the BBC Africa team – with analysis and questions from you and fact-checking from Africa Check. This week: we take a look at women's involvement in the elections. Who came up with the policy of free secondary education - President Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga? And an assessment of the latest IPSOS opinion poll.

'3,000' killed in DR Congo violence (6/2017)

The Catholic Church says 3,000 people have been killed in the Kasai region since August; the view from Dadaab on Refugee Day; should pre-marital sickle cell tests be mandatory?

Central African Republic peace deal reached (6/2017)

A deal is reached in Rome which could secure peace in the Central African Republic; the benefits of a bamboo bicycle; an attack at a mosque in London

Archaeologists discover a forgotten city in Ethiopia (6/2017)

In Eastern Ethiopia, archaeologists say they've uncovered an ancient city. Why Lake Tanganyika, Africa's largest freshwater body, is under threat.

Condoms for 12-year-olds in 'safer sex' drive in South Africa (6/2017)

12-year-olds to get condoms in South Africa's latest 'safer sex' drive. Lesotho's incoming Prime Minister's ex-wife is shot dead. Plus are Sierra Leone's doctors unappreciated?