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'Queen Of Soul' Aretha Franklin dies (8/2018)

The legendary singer was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and announced last year she was retiring from music. We hear tributes from artists and politicians across the continent + Concerns over the wellbeing of the Ugandan opposition MP and musician Bobi Wine + South Africa commemorates Marikana - the day police killed 34 platinum miners striking for better pay.

School Children Drown in Sudan (8/2018)

Twenty three children and a health worker drowned when their boat sank in Sudan; Ugandans vote in controversial by-election and the Nigerian senator who faced masked gunmen.

Ugandan Afrobeats Star And Opposition MP Bobi Wine Arrested (8/2018)

Uganda Musician and opposition MP Bobi Wine Arrested; New WHO-approved ebola vaccine tested in DRC and the new telecom tax hitting Zambian internet users on their data bundles

Kenyans Charged With Fraud Over Chinese Railway (8/2018)

Two senior Kenyan government officials have been charged with fraud over the building of a $3.2bn Chinese-funded railway line. Tunisia's president has announced a proposal for inheritance equality for women. And an Ethiopian journalist has been reunited with his father after more than 20 years of being separated by the conflict with Eritrea.

Nigerians 'tricked into travelling to Saudi Arabia' (8/2018)

Nigeria's anti-human trafficking agency, Naptip, says that thousands of Nigerian women and girls have been tricked into travelling to Saudi Arabia, and then subjected to ill treatment and forced labour. Zimbabwe's opposition submits its election challenge, at the very last minute. And a Burundi head teacher is caught sitting an exam on behalf of a student.

Zimbabwe opposition politician appears in court (8/2018)

After being denied asylum by the Zambian authorities, Zimbabwe opposition leader Tendai Biti appears before a magistrates court in Harare. We hear the latest from our correspondent and speak to Zambia’s Foreign Minster + In the Democratic republic of Congo, health officials have warned that containing the new Ebola outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri provinces is complicated by the presence of multiple armed groups in the region + We hear from the award winning writer about what happened what she got caught up in a Nairobi city council enforcement operation

DR Congo Kabila names successor (8/2018)

DR Congo Joseph Kabila confirms he won't be running as candidate in upcoming presidential elections and picks party secretary as preferred candidate. Twenty four hours after the blockade of the parliament in Nigeria, the whereabouts of the sacked head of State Security Agency remain unknown. A refugee camp in Kenya leads the way on how to make displaced people less dependent on aid.

Nigeria's Head Of State Security Has Been Sacked (8/2018)

Nigeria's head of the state security agency has been fired; 20 years after the Al Qaeda bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam; Nigerian writer Tomi Adeyemi scores a big film deal

President Of Ethiopia's Somali Region Resigns (8/2018)

President Of Ethiopia's Somali Region Resigns; Kenyans could go blind over a hold up of their medicine ; Nigerian lawmakers have been called back to parliament urgently

Mnangagwa elected President of Zimbabwe (8/2018)

Zimbabwe's president Mnangagwa stretches a hand of friendship and inclusivity to his rivals after he is declared election winner. Moise Katumbi presidential hopeful in the DR Congo is prevented from entering his country. The WHO on efforts to tackle a new Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo. Resident Presidents under the spell of witchcraft!