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Liverpool's Mo Salah Voted BBC African Footballer Of The Year (12/2018)

Liverpool forward Mo Salah wins BBC African Footballer of the Year; UN warns violence in the CAR could spread to region; And we discover the rock art of Somaliland.

Fire destroys 8,000 electronic voting machines days before DRC polls (12/2018)

A massive fire at a major depot housing voting materials raises suspicions in the DRC.Plus: The Trump administration's strategy to counter China and Russia in Africa. Also: Eritrea's president visits Somalia. But why was Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed not there?

As elections loom in DR Congo, the opposition say security forces have killed two of their supporters (12/2018)

At least two people have been killed in clashes with police on the sidelines of an opposition rally in the east of the DR Congo. Campaigning is on for the Presidential elections in 11 days time. Plus: Mozambique's government gives its opponents - RENAMO - three senior army posts. And: Is sex in a car between consenting adults a crime? We have a view from the police in Nigeria.

Somalia Grants Fishing Licences To China (12/2018)

China gets fishing rights off Somali coast; DRC’s President Kabila denies his regime is repressive; Ethiopian torture victims demand compensation.

UN Migration Agreement signed in Morocco (12/2018)

Over hundred-and-fifty countries sign the Global Compact on Migration in Marrakesh. The agreement is aimed at strengthening the cooperation among nations on the matter of migration + In Sierra Leone, a strike in the health sector widens as senior doctors join junior personnel in the protests + Is the President of Somalia heading for impeachment? Over 100 MPs have submitted a no-confidence motion against him

Zambia's President Lungu Allowed To Run Again (12/2018)

Zambia's constitutional court declares that President Edgar Lungu will not be breaching the constitution if he runs for office again in 2021; Burundi's president calls for mediation over what he describes as an open conflict with neighbouring Rwanda; And why Africa needs more 'Agri-preneurs'.

Diane Rwigara: Rwanda government critic acquitted (12/2018)

A Rwandan court in the capital, Kigali, has acquitted government critic Diane Rwigara and her mother of charges of inciting insurrection and forgery.We remember the first person to have died in the Ebola epidemic of five years ago. A major museum of African art opens in Senegal.

Kenya Hires Foreign Lawyer To Prosecute High Profile Case (12/2018)

Kenya hires foreign lawyer to prosecute high profile case; 17 Nigerian policemen killed in ambush in Zamfara; and traditional communities in South Africa win land rights.

Zanzibar cancels exams over leaked tests (12/2018)

In Zanzibar, students who should be going to upper secondary school for their next stage have faced a significant hiccup. National exams at their level have been cancelled, and it's all because of a cheating scandal + The BBC's Africa Eye investigation programme has uncovered evidence of secret torture and detention camps to silence dissent + We comment a video emerged on social media showing the convalescent President Ali Bongo seating side by side with the Moroccan King

Nigeria's President Buhari tells the UN Climate Change summit why his nation is at risk (12/2018)

He was among others to speak at the summit... So what is being pledged to help the continent? We hear answers from Poland. Plus: There's commuter chaos in Nairobi as matatus are banned from the city centre. And: Martin Fayulu, joint opposition presidential candidate in the Democratic Republic of Congo says why he is confident he will win the election