Alt.Latino (NPR)

A voyage across the world in search of the best new Rock en Espanol and Latin Alternative music releases. Co-hosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd also pay tribute to the pioneers of the genre.

Amidst Political Tumult, Salvadoran Artists Across The Country Discuss Their Work (1/2018)

Four artists with roots in El Salvador discuss their art and the threat to the country's immigrant community.

Alt.Latino Album Chat: Making Movies Talk Protest Music (1/2018)

Alt.Latino kicks off the new year with a new feature: the Alt.Latino Album Chat, a conversation about a new album by the artist who made it. This week, Making Movies.

Alt.Latino's Favorites: The Songs Of 2017 (12/2017)

We call on some of the top Latinx music writers to help us look back at some of their top cuts of 2017.

Alt.Latino's Favorites: The Top 10 Latin Albums Of 2017 (12/2017)

In a genre going in as many directions as modern Latin music, how do you narrow a list of albums to just a few favorites? Alt.Latino's host and guests share their attempt for 2017.

Encore presentation: Festivo Alt.Latino, Gaby Moreno In Concert (12/2017)

Her voice dripping with Southern R&B grit, Moreno and her band never lose sight of the emotion in the holiday classics they perform at KUT in Austin, Texas from a show recorded in 2015.

Alt.Latino's Last New Music Show of 2017, Featuring Calma Carmona, Boogat And More (11/2017)

Alt.Latino's digital and analog mail bags were still bulging with new music, even as the year is drawing to a close. Rock, hip-hop, soul and rancheras — we have it all.

Alt.Latino's Deeper Dive Into New Pixar Film, 'Coco' (11/2017)

This week we talk about the new film Coco with an NPR entertainment reporter and some of the principals of the film.

Road Trip: Alt.Latino Attends The Latin Grammys In Las Vegas (11/2017)

Alt.Latino makes the trek to Las Vegas to cover the Latin Grammy's! Join us for a visit to the Red Carpet!

Guest DJ: iLe Shares The Classic Sounds Driving Her New Solo Music (11/2017)

Puerto Rican artist iLe plays Guest DJ, joining us to spin the classics from another era, the raw material that helped her create the album iLevitable.

Alt.Latino Guest DJ Antonio Sanchez: Jazz Drummer, Musical Activist (10/2017)

The jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez is much more than that job title suggests — his new album Bad Hombre addresses current events instrumentally.