Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Travel the world with Flight Attendant Betty!!! This is a airline and travel podcast with funny stories from the airplane and around the world!

151 A Spew and a Smile (3/2018)

Show #151

Hi there, this show has stories about an emergency, kisses, not one but two wieners out, puke and underpants.

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Music: "Betty" by The Lascivious Biddies

150 Did Your Octopus Work? (2/2018)

Episode 150 (Wow, 150.)

Hello, this show features stories about an octopus, tarmac gambling, rocks, grunts, boats, poop and a crevasse.  The music for the episode was recorded in a subway station in Madrid Spain.


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149 Black Out (1/2018)

Episode 149

Happy 2018.  This show has stories about a Russian, a cute French guy, a sports hero, a non drunk black out, a caped crusader, Ambian and the toothless.


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The only one watching the saftey demo

148 Jungle Gal (12/2017)

Episode 148

This show has a lot of Laos stories along with pursers, scorpions, monks, hookers, bugs, blown slides and jungle gals.


147 British Men Running (11/2017)

Episode 147

Hello, in this show we hear stories about my recent trip to Uganda, Laos sex, Mary Poppins, Air Marshals, Brass Knuckles, sleeping sickness, front bums, capes, snafus and sending British men running.



146 Gorilla Glow (10/2017)

Episode 146

I just go back from an outstanding trip to Uganda so we have lots of stories about gorillas, hippos, snake bites, hanky panky (on the airplane) poop, sticks and an update on a fan favorite.


The music for the show is all local Ugandan music, primarily a group of kids congratulating me on seeing gorillas in the wild at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

145 BItsy (9/2017)

If all goes well, and i don't hit any glitches I will be tracking gorillas in Uganda when this podcast comes out.  I'm super excited!  This show has stories about urine, crew juice, lubrication, ghosts, devils and bombs.


144 Hey, Cut That Out (8/2017)

Hi, this show has stories about night caps, jail birds, drunk priests and a few buck naked clips.

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Music: "Everything Good" by Twintwelve

143 Special Powers (7/2017)

This show features stories about airplane farts, peanuts, customs, tar and butts.  It also includes a great story from a wonderful flight attendant that I have wanted to meet for ages.

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The music for this show I recorded on the street in Munich Germany


142 The Eye of the Polar Bear (6/2017)

This show features stories about overdosed doctors, pilot kings, blonde bombshells and polar bears.  Hows that for diversity?


Music "Fly" by the Good Sirs

Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1)

This guy is very funny