Can He Do That?

Donald Trump’s historic presidency will look unlike any other that’s come before it. From his outsider status in Washington to his family’s continued residence in New York to his complicated business empire, each episode of this podcast will focus on one aspect of Trump’s time in the White House that defies conventions and ask the question, “Can he do that?”

Hosted by Allison Michaels and co-hosted each week by a different Post reporter, “Can He Do That?” features original reporting that will illuminate the ways Donald Trump can reshape the presidency and explain what that means for people in the United States and the rest of the world.

Will Trump convince Kim Jong-Un to give up nuclear weapons? (3/2018)

President Trump says he will sit down with North Korea and negotiate a deal on nuclear disarmament. On this week’s episode of “Can He Do That,” we talk to someone who’s tried that before.

Does the President have the power to downsize the government? (3/2018)

Since President Trump entered office, he's promised a radical restructuring of the federal government — including significant cuts to the size of the federal workforce. But that hasn't happened yet. On this episode, we ask: What's the hold-up?

Should the president run the White House like a family business? (3/2018)

On this week's episode, we talk about presidential family members, and about Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and embattled senior adviser. What happens when a president's own children wield influence in the White House?

Will teen victims of school shootings force a change in federal gun laws? (2/2018)

In this week's episode, Post reporters John Woodrow Cox and Wesley Lowery talk about their experiences covering school shootings — and why the outraged message from South Florida teens might get some traction with lawmakers, and with Trump.

Will Trump strike a deal on the Dream Act? (2/2018)

Congress has been kicking around versions of the Dream Act for almost two decades — and yet, the latest debates in the Senate suggests that lawmakers are still can't come up with a long-term solution for Dreamers. Can Trump strike a deal on the Dream Act?

Special episode: The Nunes memo and what it means (2/2018)

The House Intelligence Committee publicly released a memo Friday, and it has Washington D.C. in a whirlwind. National security reporter Matt Zapotosky explains what's in the memo, why it's been so controversial and what happens next.

Special episode: Trump's first State of the Union address (1/2018)

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher and political reporter Eugene Scott discuss the major themes of President Trump's first State of the Union address -- what he said, what it means, and what comes next.

Special episode: A State of the Union listening guide (1/2018)

National political correspondent Karen Tumulty and senior editor Marc Fisher discuss what they’ll be listening for in Trump’s first State of the Union address.

Special episode: One year after Trump’s inauguration, we revisit his speech (1/2018)

One year ago, President Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. In his speech, he painted his picture of America and made promises for his presidency. White House correspondents Jenna Johnson and Josh Dawsey listen back and discuss.

We'll be back in 2018 (12/2017)

With highlights from some of this year's best episodes, Allison Michaels signs off for now.