Caregiving For Dementia

The show is about the Delaney Family that is caregiving for someone with dementia. My mother has had dementia for two years now, and I 'm hoping that this podcast will help someone how's in the some situation. Also, I may talk about my feeling on a lot of things like religion, politics, and there may even be a lot electronics.
So basically the show is a little bet on everything that we do and get into as a Family.

Dementia Music (4/2018)

Care Giving for Dementia

Episode # 48

Dementia Music



In this week’s episode of caregiving for dementia, I talk a little bit about the truck, bus, van thing that I’ve been talking a little bit about. The condition of the vehicle a little bit about the costs, but mainly versus putting a shed in the backyard in which is that I think I’m leaning more toward putting the shutout, then the vehicle due to costs.

I started to call this episode Elvis Presley and dementia, because of the reaction that we have with Mama and Elvis’s music on an HBO special on Saturday night. The reaction re-received without was totally different than any other kind of music performer that we played before.

We have tried playing different kinds of music for Mama, most of which seem to just agitate her. One of these types of music would’ve been our music, such as Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and Journey. We have also tried though, Ben Crosby, Dean Martin, as well as net King Cole. And the only reaction we seem to be able to get that with anything at all other than agitation was Elvis is music for some reason.

Now my question is, is why Elvis is the same era as Ben Crosby that King Cole, Dean Martin, why did he is music have such a different reaction. I don’t know. I think I am going to try to run some kind of a small experiment with her and music. The question of it is, as well. I have the same reaction to Elvis is music on say something like an album as I did on the TV special. Did we get the reaction from the TV special because it was something that she could see or was it the music itself? Again, I don’t know.

Was it the music itself, is it music, is it visual, or is it just noise all in general. This is something that I need to find out. I’m hoping to get mom outside in the yard a little bit when the weather breaks to find this out. If it’s noise in general that makes you react, then she should react to the birds singing out in the front yard. Will The Chipmunks the squirrels make her react the same way that she reacts to the dog? Why would she not react to other animals?

These are all kind of questions that I need to get answers to that. I hope to have some answers to as soon as the weather breaks. I hope you stay tuned. I’ll keep you updated. So I hope you stay tuned to the episodes. It will be interesting. I’m sure.

Feeling Like a bad caregiver,son (4/2018)

In your teenage years, you don’t always see eye to eye with your parents about your friends. A lot of the time you end up in a big argument with your parents over your friends, because your parents can see things down the road that you can’t. These arguments are especially harsh, when argument is over a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.

            When it dawns on you that mom and dad knew what they were talking about, you are like wow, mom and dad did know what they were talking about. You realize mom and dad’s all this coming.

            Years go by and you’re set in your lifestyle. You have your wife and kids. You even have a good career plan and your parents are getting older and a lot of the times, At this stage in life. Your parents can no longer stay by themselves. A lot of the times you don’t have the time for your parents that they need due to your job and family obligations. In this stage of the game you start looking for adult day care centers, nursing homes, and that kind of thing. These kinds of places, However, are quite expensive.

When I think of nursing homes I think of it placed you really don’t want to be. You think most of them are dark, scrounging, dirty places. Now let me be clear. It has never been our intention to just drop mom off in a nursing home. We not even honestly considering this.

            There comes a point in life where you lose all control of everything that you do. The last little bit of control that you have is whether or not you shower/bath, take your medication when you need to. This seems to be the last little bit of control, Mama seems to have, and at times both situations end up into being small arguments.

            I named this episode, feeling like a bad caregiver, son because mom is 85. And when we get into small arguments about medication and showering, she gets a little hyper for lack of a better explanation. And I get the feeling like the bad guy because it takes so much about overall she wants to do is sleep afterward and I know that a lot of heart attacks happen, you 1st get up. Therefore, I start feeling like the bad caregiver, the bad, son because I get to thinking about these heart attack when the person that your taking care of 1st wakes up. The only thing I can think to do when Mama gets all shook up is just tell her I love her, give her a kiss tell her I love her just let them know that they are loved. You did as a child and now that you’re in your 60s 70s and 80s, they need to know that you still need him still love them.

 There are times where I don’t think Mama knows a whole lot. But then there are times when she knows everything that’s going on. The times that she knows what’s going on around her are the times that we need to love on her. The nursing arms are going to do that. The nursing homes on even a dope him up and stick them in a room somewhere where they're spending 95% of the time by themselves. That’s one reason why we’re not even considering a nursing home option. I plan on keeping mom with us, just as long as we possibly can hope that she understands that we love her that we care for and I hope that she never forgets that.

I want to send a big thank you to Miranda Jankowska from the UK for the grade email this week to let me know that this podcast is not following on dead ears. She’s let me know that there are listeners out there and I dislike the thinker so very much for the nice email. Thanks for listening thanks Miranda, thanks to all.

Personal Appearance (3/2018)

Care Giving For Dementia

Episode # 46

Personal Appearance

When you were a child, you really didn’t care about how your parents looked. However, as you got older, you started day care about how you looked because you started noticing the girls. When I started noticing the opposite sex, I started caring about how I looked in other words I cared how my hair looked, and how my clothes looked. As I grew up, Mama always used to tell me after getting my haircut how good it looked how good I looked. With dementia, you’re not always sure whether or not the person is actually there. However, when you clean yourself up after all winter long looking like Grizzly Adams and you get a reaction from someone who has dementia, you can pretty much. Rest assured that you have not totally lost that person. I guess what I mean by that is, the boy and I cleaned up ourselves. After all winter long. I look like Grizzly Adams and the boys needed to shaving in a haircut as well. He was not quite as bad as I was, but all in all, we both needed to clean up after all winter long. In other words, we went and got our haircuts and we boast shaved. Now, for me one of the reasons why I decided to do this week is because the wife Stephanie wanted me to clean up for Easter, and like most men, I teased her for a good little while telling her I was not going to do it for Easter. But I decided to surprise her Friday night when she come home from work with a haircut and a clean shave. The boy got he is the week before. So we both got cleaned up for his mother, because she wanted us cleaned up for Easter. Now Michael got his cut the week before I did mine and with Mama and her dementia. She noticed that something was changed with him. However, when I got mine haircut and I shaved I got jibber jabber like you wouldn’t believe. You see, when I didn’t get my haircut when Mama was Mama. She always told me how good I looked how nice it was that I had got my haircut. Even with Mama’s dementia, I got a lot of jibber jabber that told me that I have not completely lost my mother to this terrible disease of dementia. We have also been able to carry on a conversation with mom for the bout 24 hours due to the fact that we forgot to give her the medication. Now it was not a complete conversation, but it was a conversation. Nevertheless, you could figure out what she was talking about, to a point. So we this leaves me with the thought that maybe the medication is causing her to lose the ability to carry on these conversations. However, without these medications she becomes a handful so were caught between a rock and a hard place with the medications. We talk a little bit about dreams in this episode. You see, Mama seems to be waking up at times screaming. Absolutely terrified for some reason is this caused by dementia, the medication, or something else where unsure.

Taking Care of Yourself (3/2018)


Taking care of yourself episode number 45 of caregiving for dementia

When your caregiving for someone who has dementia or any other mental disease. You get all wrapped up in taking care of them. That you forget about taking care of yourself. Will this week I was able to get out of the house for about 6 or 7 hours on Saturday to take care of myself recharge my batteries and just to enjoy time to myself. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting it together's episode number 45 of caregiving for dementia.

The Dementia Wall (3/2018)

The dementia wall is a wall that was built by the person who has dementia to help make that person feel safe. Much like the border wall will make the country safer. Dementia isolates the one who has it, so it’s almost like you’re reaching through, over, under, or around what I’m calling a dementia wall when you’re dealing with someone who has dementia. From time to time, it’s hard to get the one who has dementia to cooperate with you. When it’s time for their medication at times, they don’t want to take it. A lot of the times, it’s a pain to do the slightest thing with that person. And for some reason a lot of the times, it’s hard to get them started with a bath. This thing that I’m calling the dementia wall takes away the person’s personality. It’s almost like their a totally different person. Although at times, the personality of the person returns, for short time. When the person personality returns you can actually have a small conversation with that person.

Dementia No Talk (2/2018)

This week’s episode of care giving for dementia is really not about dementia. However, I call it Dementia No Talk because of a couple different reasons. The 1st reason is because the more or the longer this dementia goes, the less talk, we get out of mom. The more jibber her speech becomes. But also because we’ve had a another school shooting here last week and now 17 people no longer have a voice to talk with. This episode is a lot to do with the shooting in schools my opinion on the shooting in schools how to solve it, how not to solve it. So I hope you enjoy this episode of care giving for dementia although it does not have a lot to do with dementia.

Dementia Who Are You (2/2018)

Dementia Who Are You? Episode # 42 In this week’s episode of care giving for dementia. I asked the question? Dementia who are you? It’s becoming more and more frequent that Mama asked the question who we are, whenever were talking to her. I also mention in this episode, when we were kids. Mama always used to call the role, and then she would say you know who I’m talking to, you know who I’m talking about. I also mention the fact that Mama seems to be a little bit more scared. And that’s the reason why she’s acting out so often. I also asked the question what’s going to happen to me or Stephanie when we get to be mom’s age. I question whether or not Michael will be there for us if we him. I also use a quote from Cliff Ravenscraft. I don’t need easy I just need worth it. You can find Cliff’s podcast, at I asked you to please go to either or and leave me a comment. Let me know that you listen, and let me know if the podcast is helping you.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (2/2018)

In this week’s episode of caregiving for dementia. We discuss the good things If there are any, the bad things, and the ugly things about mom having dementia. Some of the good things that we talk about our not knowing whats going on in the world, not happening to fool with the tax man. Some of the bad things we talk about in this episode is the fact that mom not knowing who I am and not knowing who she is. The ugly thing in this episode that we talk about his mom becoming more clingy to me more than anyone else in the house. We hope you enjoy this episode of caregiving for dementia which we call The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Dementia Boredom (1/2018)

This week’s episode is about being bored even though you’re busy taking care of the one with mental disease. You do get bored even though there are things to do. You don’t always feel like doing them because you’re mentally tired, mentally stressed out, from taking care of the one that your taking care of. The times that you have to yourself is so few and far in between that you just don’t want to do anything. You get tired of doing the same things you always do to keep yourself out of boredom at times. When you’re not sleeping because you either can’t or don’t feel like sleeping your not always able to do a whole lot because the things that you do may or may not cause noise. So you get bored because the things that you normally do. You’re tired of doing, or they make too much noise to do at certain times of the day. You may also get bored because everybody in the house is sleeping at certain times. You don’t always feel like sleeping when everybody else in the house is. You don’t play with the dog because everybody else is sleeping. Also in this episode, I mentioned making some trinkets for the podcast. I also mention possible listener donations through Patreon.

2018 Lookout (1/2018)

This episode of Care Giving for Dementia is once again going to be a little different. I mentioned to you last week that I would have some things to look forward to in 2018. Some new changes to the podcast that I think will help in the production of the podcast.