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Far East Adventure Travel. Inspiring, entertaining. Let John Saboe take you on journeys filled with spiritual celebrations and rituals, ancient festivals thrilling wildlife safaris, trekking and climbing quests and a vast array of food cultures. Learn about cultural differences, village life, urban exploration, street food, history and architecture in places like Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. Stories, advice, and conversations from one of the most exciting adventure destinations on the planet-Asia.

Guide To Visas For East Asia/Southeast (10/2018)

Want a concise overview of visas for East Asia and Southeast Asia? Check out my latest podcast! Visa exempt, visa on arrival, approval letters, I cover most of the visa conditions for countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia. You'll still need to consult with your country's travel advisory site but this podcast will give you general rules and for most that listen to Far East Travels these are the most current for your country. Would love to get your feedback on the podcast. You can connect with me on Instagram:johnsaboesfareasttravels Facebook: Far East Adventure Travel or JohnSaboeOfficial Support the Far East Travels Podcast:

Shanghai/Beijing, China, Taipei, Taiwan-Getting The Complete Chinese Cultural Experience (10/2018)

Shanghai, Beijing-China, Taipei, Taiwan-All cities in East Asia that can give you the full Chinese experience but very different in pace, and local culture. How to avoid scams in China, how to get the true local authentic Taiwanese cultural experience and scenery. Bruno Black, Travelblogger and an expert on traveling through China and Taiwan is my guest in this podcast episode. Bruno has lived and studied in China and also has offices in Shanghai, Xiamen and Taipei. He has also been a resident of Taiwan for 19 years so I couldn't think of a better person to have as a guest in order to help you get the most out of your next trip to China and Taiwan. Bruno has suggestions on places to go in China that will give you true insight into local culture as well as some great suggestions to enjoy the beautiful nature of Taiwan only minutes away from Taipei City. Plus an itinerary that will give you the complete picture of China and Taiwan for a better understanding of their complex relationship. Follow Bruno Black: Bruno Black business inquiries: Help support the podcast by becoming a patron! Get exclusive content only available to patrons! Visit my Patreon page to find out more:

Everest Base Camp, Nepal Wrap-Up (9/2018)

Right from the start our trek to Everest Base Camp was a true adventure. From our one day delay, to an aborted flight to Lukla and a final helicopter ride back to Kathmandu upon completion of the trek. The one important piece of advice I'd pass on to anyone contemplating a trek to Everest Base Camp? Allow buffer time on the front end and back end of your trek in case of bad weather. This trek has the most problems with sticking to a schedule as you are dependant on good weather in Lukla in order for flights to depart from Kathmandu. Same thing on the back end for your return flight. I spoke with one woman who was on her third attempt to fly to Lukla. Many people waited up to 7 days to arrive in or leave Lukla. Much of this was due to the late monsoon season but it's still an issue when planning your trek. Helicopters are an option but expect to pay anywhere from $400-$500 USD each way! It's been an absolute dream to be creating podcasts during my one month stay in Nepal. Would love to hear from you. Shoot me an email to A positive review in the iTunes Store is also much appreciated and helps others discover the podcast! You can also support the podcast by becoming a patron. Check out my Patreon page for offers and the exclusive content just for patrons! Thanks again for listening. Safe travels and Namaste!

Everest Base Camp Trek Update From Dingboche, Nepal (9/2018)

I’m sitting at the entrance to Dingboche village on the trail to Everest Base Camp, somewhat in disbelief that I’m able to bring you an update from this amazing place in the heart of the Himalaya. Looking at the white Buddhist stupa and this valley enveloped in fog and clouds and sharing stories from this latest adventure makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be here. You can also follow me on Instagram, johnsaboesfareasttravels, and Facebook, Far East Adventure Travel, and YouTube, John Saboe.

Everest Base Camp Trek Update from Namche Bazaar (9/2018)

A little delay for my group but some people had been waiting 7 days to catch a flight to Lukla the start of the Everest Base Camp Trek! The late monsoon season has put a bit of a damper on the start of trekking in the Khumbu Valley Everest region of Nepal. This update finds me on day 3 Of our Trek with a beautiful viewing day of Everest and the rest of the giants of this part of the Himalaya. More updates to come as I make my way to Everest Base Camp!

Everest Base Camp-Getting Prepared For The Trek (9/2018)

Are you planning to do the trek to Everest Base Camp one day? In this episode I lightly touch on what it takes to plan a trek to Everest Base Camp. You might already be ready to go! Once again I am thrilled to be bringing the podcast to you from Kathmandu, Nepal. Today was Kushe Aunsi or Nepali Father's Day and there was lots of activity at the temples as sons and daughters prayed for their father. I was at a popular bakery chain called Hot Breads and they had several tables in the dining area layed out with cakes for sale, average price was about 800 rupees or $8USD. I'm getting ready for a trek to Everest Base Camp in a week and I will attempt to bring you updates as I make my way to the high Himalaya. I will be bringing back exclusive Far East Travels podcasts for patrons. Depending on your support level you can also now get exclusive 360 video broadcasts. Visit my Patreon page to find out more:

What I'm Eating/Festival Music/Trekking-Kathmandu, Nepal (9/2018)

I'm so grateful to be able to share with you the highlights of this past week in Kathmandu, Nepal from the rooftop of my hotel-Pilgrims Hotel. I've already seen 3 festivals and I've only been here a week. One of the highlights was witnessing Gunla, the Newari Buddhist tradition of prayer, fasting, singing, playing musical instruments and making pilgrimages to Swayambhunath, The Monkey Temple. I arrived on the platform of the stupa of Swayambhunath greeted by drums, flutes, singing, and a incredible diversity of musical styles ranging from the traditional flute instrumentation of Newari ensembles to traditional Nepal folk music. It was inspiring! In this episode I play some of the highlights. I'm often asked what am I eating when I'm traveling. Naturally I want to experience as much local food as possible so I'm eating what alot of locals eat, Nepal food, momos,(dumplings), fried noodle dishes, and Indian food like curries, and snacks. Kathmandu has great international food as well and staying in Thamel affords you the ease of walking only a few steps to sample many cuisines of the world from Japanese to Thai, Italian, Middle-Eastern, American and more. There is good pizza and pasta to be had in Kathmandu! I'm primarily here to trek and I'll be leading a small group soon up to Everest Base Camp. One of the many things I do besides creating travel stories and content online and mobile is promoting travel to Nepal through a company I partner with called Sacred Trekking. If you want to find out more about trekking whether you are a beginner or looking for something more advanced contact me at If you want to support the podcast and the other work I do consider becoming a patron. You can support travel and production expenses with a monthly contribution while gaining access to exclusive content including extra podcasts only available to patrons. To find out more visit my Patreon page: Help others discover Far East Travels by writing a review in the iTunes Store:

The Fall Festivals of Nepal You Must See (8/2018)

Once again it's great to be talking to you about Nepal while I'm here in Kathmandu. This week I enjoyed my first Gai Jatra Festival, The Festival of Cows, honoring the loved ones of families who've passed away this year. In this episode I talk about the must see festivals of the fall season, which you can see all right in Kathmandu starting in 2018 with Dashain, from Oct.9-23rd. This is the longest and most important festival in Nepal but it's not for the squeemish. Thousands of animals are sacrificed in order to bath the Goddess Durga in blood. The festival celebrates the victory of Gods over evil, good overcoming evil is the theme of the festival. Every year Dashain is followed by Tihar or Deepavali, the festival of lights. In India they celebrate it as Diwali. It's my favorite festival of the year with people decorating their homes and businesses with rangoli art, colored flower, rice, candles and flowers. Kathmandu is a sea of flower garlands leading up to Tihar. The biggest night is the third night or Laxmi Puja when people pray to Laxmi the Goddess of Wealth for good fortune for the next year. The next festival and this year celebrated from November 13th for four days is Chaath, honoring the Sun God and his wife Usha. The main celebration area is on the Bagmati River behind the Pashupatinath Temple complex. The main purpose of my visit this fall is to lead a group up to Everest Base Camp. I have an interest in a trekking/adventure company here in Nepal called Explore Himalayan/Sacred Trekking. If you would like to find out more about treks and other adventure activities in Nepal you can message us either on the website: or our Facebook page: If you would like to support this podcast you can become a patron. Gain exclusive access to additional content, chat only available to patrons and easier access to me. Visit my Patreon page to find out more:

Kathmandu, Nepal-Quick Update Over Coffee (8/2018)

I’m in Kathmandu, Nepal! Just a quick update over coffee at one of my favorite cafes. It’s been quite rainy here over the past week at the tail end of the monsoon season. No surprise that there are few tourists here but in just a few weeks that will change and a busy fall trekking season will be underway. I saw my first Gai Jatra Festival this week. This is a beautiful event that helps to relieve the grief of pain of those who have lost a loved one this past year. September 12 marks the start of Teej also known as the “ladies festival” where married women honor their husbands by praying that they have a long life and for a strong marriage. I look forward to bringing you highlights from Teej on the podcast and on 360Today on Facebook! Please feel free to send me a message about anything travel related including activities in Nepal. Thanks again to Cam from Australia for reaching out this past week.

Podcast Update From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Colorful “Little India” (8/2018)

Thanks so much for following me on either iTunes, Spreaker, Google Play, Podbean, or any of the countless podcatching sites! I’m happy to be back once again on a regular schedule of podcasts from Asia. This episode is just a quick update on what’s to come in the next couple months while I enjoyed the atmosphere of Little India in Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia. Would love to get your feedback on the podcast either by email,, Facebook or Instagram(johnsaboesfareasttravels).