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Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan-A Walk Through It's Famous Temple Of The Cupid (10/2017) Far East Adventure Travel relies on support from listener's like you. Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel for as little as $1/month. Visit my Patreon page to check out the offers now! Qixi Festival is Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan, China, and wherever there is a large ethnic Chinese community. There are also versions of it in Korea and Japan. If you want to find out more visit: . It's such a lovely but bittersweet story and inspiring enough to send young women and men to Taipei, Taiwan's famous Xia Hai Temple, or City God Temple to pray to it's Cupid God for a future husband or wife. It's especially busy during the Qixi Festival, which falls every year on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. Like it's western counterpart, February 14th's Valentine's Day, it's been commericalized by sweets and chocolate companies, florists, hotels/resorts and restaurants. Join me for a visit to this famous "Temple Of The Cupid"  in Taipei, which is also famous for having the highest densities of Gods in all of Taiwan's 13,000 temples. Help others discover Far East Adventure Travel! Take a moment to write a review:    

An Adventure And Pilgrimage To India's Southern Tip-Kanyakumari (10/2017) Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and support travel inspiration from Asia. Get access to exclusive content and follow the link now! A visit to Kanyakumari, India is certainly a buck list item for anyone who loves the subcontinent. Being at the very southern tip it’s a popular destination mostly for Indians seeking a pilgrimage although with the emerging middle class in the country it is becoming just as much a vacation destination combined with a spiritual journey.Having spent a few weeks traveling through Kerala it was hard to resist an extra 3 hour bumpy bus ride from Kovalam Beach to the southern tip of India.With limited time I had to literally jump off the bus, find a place to stay, and make my way for the ferry line-up to visit the small little islands, or rock outcrops that were home to shrines.The first stop on the ferry ride is at Vivekananda Rock Memorial where a shrine was built in 1970 honoring Swami Vivekananda who was believed to have attained enlightenment on the rock. The second stop was at The Thiruvalluvar Statue. The statue that rises 29 meters symbolizes wealth and pleasures.After I finished my trip to the monuments I explored the small town that must swell daily with tourists and pilgrims that arrive by bus, car, and train. It’s definitely a circus atmosphere, with carnival acts, horse rides, and a little amusement park for kids. Of course besides the other temples that pilgrims and followers make their way to including The Kanya Kumari Temple and The Gandhi Memorial Mandapam, the site where the great Mahatma’s ashes were kept before their final immersion. Just to see and meet Indians, many that had travelled hundreds of kilometers was absolutely fascinating.   

Live From Taipei, Taiwan Taking Random Questions “Travel in Asia” (10/2017)

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Hoi An, Vietnam-Boat Ride Through The Divine Ancient Town (10/2017) Please check out the offers on my Patreon page! Starting at a $1/month you can become a sponsor of Far East Adventure Travel and get access to exclusive content! Even with the large numbers of tourists that visit the ancient town of Hoi An it is still remarkably an enjoyable experience to see this jewel of Vietnam.  It’s really all thanks to the silting up of the Thu Bon River that probably helped to preserve or in reality froze the ancient town in time. Had it continued to flourish as a regular port of trade over time development and expansion would have most likely seen alot of these historic buildings cleared away for new larger structures.  In this episode I take a boat ride with one of boat ladies of the Thu Bon River. It’s really alot of fun taking a ride with these characters who will more than likely try to overcharge you at first, just hesitate or start walking away and the price will quickly drop by half. The non motor boat ride is my preferred way of cruising around the town. You won’t go as far as the motorized boats can take you but it’s much more relaxing having a boat to yourself as you are rowed silently past the beautiful waterfront of Hoi An. Thanks so much for listening!  If you like the podcast please write a review to help others discover Far East Adventure Travel:

Hanoi, Vietnam-Bun Cha(BBQ Pork)Revisiting The Famous Obama/Bourdain Meal-2016 (9/2017) Get access to exclusive content and insider info on my travels! Become a patron now! Visit my Patreon page and check out the offers! I had the pleasure of meeting Phuong and Cuong from Hanoi Free Tour Guides last year while visiting the capital. Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a fantastic organization that offers free tours for anyone visiting Hanoi. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the local culture as all guides are local students studying English eager to meet foreigners and show them around their city. You can basically ask for any kind of tour for the whole day if you like. You only have to pay for transportation if required and meals or drinks for your guide. There is no need to tip, in fact they will refuse any money offered.Only a few months earlier in Hanoi famous TV travel host and chef Anthony Bourdain hosted a special dinner with President Obama. The featured dish? A bowl of bun cha, the famous bbq pork meal of Hanoi.Although I do not eat pork myself I thought it would be interesting to talk about the dish that had gained so much attention in the United States and around the world from this famous meeting.We walked to a restaurant in the old quarter of Hanoi famous for bun cha. Phuong actually theorized that the Obama/Bourdain meal wasn’t hosted here because of the logistics of trying to protect the president in such a tight space.We had so much planned for this walk of the old quarter that was originally a Facebook live broadcast but only minutes after visiting the restaurant a huge tropical downpour started so we were forced to find refuge in a cafe. The rain lasted so long we were unable to continue the broadcast and were left with some interesting talk about bun cha and later a short conversation about ancestor worship in Vietnam.Thanks so much for listening!  

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-A Walk Through Benh Thanh Market With HCMC Travel Tips (9/2017) Support Far East Adventure Travel with your pledge of $1/month or more. Check out the offers and gain access to exclusive content! I love exploring around Ho Chi Minh City. Many locals still refer to HCMC as Saigon, and District 1 where most tourists wil find themselves is considered Saigon proper. Once you are accustomed to the chaotic traffic and swarms of motorbikes it's quite easy to get around on foot. Don't limit yourself  to D1,  as exciting as it is,  with it's historic sites, great food, cafes, bars, and entertainment. There's more to explore out in Disrict 3, 4, and 5 with Cholon and it's massive Chinatown and markets filled with outgoing locals that don't see as many tourists. In this episode I walked around the Benh Thanh Market area. This portion of the city is rapidly changing with the installation of the first subway line of HCMC. This is most definitely one of the hot tourist areas with restaurants, hotels, and the famous landmark and what some consider the centerpoint of the city. Even though the market is filled with vendors ready to pounce on you with their over inflated prices it's still worth a look. There's some great little places to stop and eat and for such a big tourist stop, the prices are pretty reasonable. Join me for a little walk around Ben Thanh Market. Write A Review:      

Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring The Bustling Lanes And Streets Of Chinatown (9/2017) Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and get access to more content from Asia! Exclusively for you! Visit my Patreon page to see the offers now! Follow me on Facebook: Instagram: Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. A modern city that's retained much of it's cultural heritage, it's fast-paced, vast, naughty,  and filled with temples, markets, amazing food, entertainment and world-class shopping.  It's also where you can find one of Southeast Asia's most vibrant Chinatowns. In this episode I explored some of the interesting lanes and streets where you can find everything from durian, the king of fruit, to Chinese medicinal remedies, fantastic street food, restaurants, and stores filled with gadgets, kitchen utensils, and pottery.  I'm also looking forward to very soon bringing you live broadcasts from Asia on BlogTalkRadio and a chance to connect with you either by phone or Skype-stay tuned! Write a review for Far East Adventure Travel:    

Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring The Fruit Market Of Chefs And Shop Owners (9/2017)

Bangkok, Thailand is a market lover’s paradise. Whether you’re like me and find food markets fascinating to explore or you enjoy finding bargains on clothing, antiques, or buddha amulets it’s probably the best place in Southeast Asia to shop. I love the huge Klong Toey Market, and the Pak Khlong Flower Market. On my most recent visit I also checked out the Saphan Khao Fruit Market which carries pretty much every fruit available in Southeast Asia, from durian and jackfruit to the more exotic snakeskin fruit. They say everyone in Bangkok comes to this market from everyday people to store vendors to chefs from 5 star restaurants. It’s such a treat to try all of these fruits and you always find some kind of cheap deal that makes your visit great! On this trip I found some delicious jackfruit, two big plastic trays packed with the plump pods for about one dollar! Hope you enjoy the podcast! Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and get exclusive access to more content from Asia: Please visit my crowdfunding page: Write A Podast Review:  

Visiting Bangkok's Erawan Shrine-The Commercial District's Spiritual Oasis (8/2017) Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and gain access to exclusive content while supporting travel inspiration! Visit my Patreon page and see the offers starting at $1/month!Last year I visited Thailand and was fortunate enough to spend some time in it's bustling capital, Bangkok. Currently the second most city visited in the world it is massive, busy, hectic, with possibly the worst traffic conditions in Asia. Despite that it's absolutely a city you must visit if you want to look in the crystal ball and see perhaps what the rest of Southeast Asia may eventually look like.With limited time on my last trip in 2016 I wanted to at least cover off the main sites, including the Grand Palace and the top tier temples. A trip out to the huge outdoor Chatuchak Market, and a look around the huge shopping district of Siam and of course a couple of visits to the Erawan Shrine were also on the list.As modern as Bangkok is it's still refreshing to see in the middle of one of this side of the planet's busiest commercial districts the Erawan Shrine, attracting thousands of worshippers daily.  They bring offerings, burn incense, and sometimes hire the ladies that make up the dance troupe of the shrine that will perform for set fees while worshippers pray. This is what makes  Southeast Asia so uniquely different than visiting a similiarly sized commercial district in a western city.  

Exotic Kuching,Sarawak/Malaysian Borneo-Travel Tips And Commentary (8/2017)

Support Far East Adventure Travel by becoming a patron! Get exclusive content and other features starting at $1/month. Visit my Patreon page to find out Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Mayalsian Borneo is a wonderful place to base yourself for exploring this incredibly diverse destination full of wildlife viewing opportunities, cultural discovery, and amazing food!  I love that Kuching is also small enough that you can easily explore most of it on foot. Walking through it's atmospheric Chinatown, Little India, and riverfront makes it remarkably easy to become familiar with the town within a short time frame. The people are absolutely it's biggest asset. Incredibly friendly and hospitable I found it so easy to feel comfortable right away. From local shop owners greeting you with warm smiles to kids in school uniforms saying hello on their way home from classes. Join me as I walk around the river front discussing the beauty and diversity of Kuching and Sarawak as well as some helpful tips on stretching your travel dollars. Help others discover Far East Adventure Travel by writing a review in the iTunes Store: