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Travel Blogging-How To Build A Successful Brand with Travel Blogger Bruno Black (1/2018)  Far East Adventure Travel relies on public support to bring you travel inspiration from Asia. Become a patron starting at $1/month. Visit the link to view all the offers available. Travel blogging has become one of the most sought after new media careers. It's sounds extremely attractive, getting paid to travel, staying in luxury hotels. But how do you get started? I recently spoke with travelblogger Bruno Black, who's also the founder of a very successful branding/marketing agency based in Taiwan. Bruno travel blogs some of the more interesting and off the beaten path sites in Taiwan along with managing social media platforms for The Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Since his role with Taiwan Tourism also involves selecting travelbloggers to visit the island I thought he would have some great advice to offer those interested in pursing a career or sideline as a travel blogger. We also discuss a few of the many attractions, including some very unusual sites that visitors can expect to see on trip to Taiwan. Contact Bruno about travel blogging in Taiwan or arranging travel exursions or tours: For more information on his branding agency/marketin and doing business in China visit: My YouTube Channel: iVideo Pocket Wifi-Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime-Promo Code:FAREAST2018  

Kuching-Sarawak, Borneo-Exploring Shopping Streets And Heritage Sites (1/2018) Please visit my Patreon page to check out the offers! Your support will help me continue to bring you interesting, inspirational, and useful travel advice from Asia! If you're a lover of nature, exotic flora and fauna and amazing wildlife, then Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo should be on your list of places to visit. Of course my expecations were met on my most recent visit but what I didn't count on was the especially friendly hospitality of the local community. Everywhere I went people would smile and say hi, ask me where I was from, the niceties you often encounter when traveling, But this was different, there was no "where are you from?", followed by I can do this for you or do that, or buy this, just genuine curiousity and hospitality. There was no real aggressive selling or hustling that you. This I didin't expect, making this visit to Kuching, the capital of the state, all that more relaxing and enjoyable. Join me for another walk around Kuching, exploring shopping streets, colorful murals, and other sites in the heat of the tropics. If you're interested in seeing some videos on Sarawak and other places around Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia then visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe!  

Hanoi, Vietnam-Enjoying The Atmosphere Of The Old Quarter/Travel Tips (1/2018) Please visit my Patreon page to check out the offers! I rely on public support to bring you the best travel experiences in Asia! In this episode I spend more time walking through the atmospheric streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter, in search of baguettes and other things for my morning breakfast. When I find myself on a slow travel trip, I will typically spend up to two weeks in one town or city. So if I know this in advance I will make sure I book a room in a guesthouse or hotel with a fridge so I can do some self-catering, mainly to take care of my breakfast needs. I still don't want to miss out on trying what the locals eat for breakfast everyday but it's nice to have some baguettes and tea or coffee before I head out in the early morning to captures images and check out the local markets. Usually in Hanoi I will want to stay in the Old Quarter so I can be right out in the chaos first thing plus it's easy walking distance to Hoan Kiem Lake, The French Quarter, and other sites. In this episode I also briefly touch on some of the scams, particularly the overcharging of tourists that quite often happens in the Old Quarter. Thanks so much for listening and as always your support! If you would like to make a contribution to my on-going crowdfunding project to raise money for equipment an travel expenses, check out the link below!

Hanoi, Vietnam-Avoiding Tourist Scams/Overcharging Chat Through Morning Markets (12/2017)

It' Hanoi is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. I usually stay in the old quarter, one ofy the most atmospheric parts of the city where there's amazing street food, unique shopping streets, and plenty of cafes to watch daily life in the capital. But it's also loaded with scam artists looking for easy targets. In this episode of the podcast I chat about some of the more popular scams. Overcharging is rampant as well especially in the old quarter and even more specifically close to Hoan Kiem Lake. I like sharing these stories as I hope it will help visitors avoid some of these situations and unpleasant outcomes that can lead to not wanting to ever visit the city or country again. I've read many travel forums where people were scammed by either a  shoe cleaner or taxi driver and haved vowed never to return again. It's unfortunate but most of this stems from people who are merely misguided and lack an education. Struggling to put food on the table everyday they revert to these methods in order to support themselves. I think particularily in Hanoi you'll find more scams than in other Vietnamese cities including Ho Chi Minh City. I hope revealing some of these scams will help you avoid them on your next visit to Hanoi. It really is a wonderful city and can be enjoyed to the fullest by avoiding these uncomfortable situations. Write A Review: YouTube:http://:

Hanoi, Vietnam-Old Quarter To Hoan Kiem Lake-Atmospheric Walk/Description (12/2017) My podcast relies on support from listeners like you! Please visit my Patreon page and become a patron. For as little as $1/month you can help me continue to bring you podcasts and travel information/inspiration from the Far East!I absolutely love Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam! On my most recent visit I spent nearly 17 days hanging out, chatting with locals, and getting to know the city and it's people. As I said in the video, it's very easy to just hang out in it's Old Quarter, with it's atmospheric themed shopping streets, great cheap delicious street food, and the ultra cheap and refreshing bia hoi, fresh beer, that costs $9000VND, about $.040US. Life unfolds all around you in the Old Quarter. Locals are quite comfortable leaving their doors open, and acting out their daily life in the public, from taking naps to getting into family arguments. I'm addicted to the traditional wet markets in Asia, the bustle and the amazing selection of fresh produce, fruit, seafood, bake goods and of course street food! I also spent lots of time around Hanoi's Dong Xuan Wholesale Market, where you can find little alleys and lanes full of the fresh bounty of Northern Vietnam along with amazing little food stalls that sell of the best street food in Asia. More of this to come in future podcasts!Thanks so much for listening and don't forget to follow me for daily images and live/recorded video from Asia :

Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan-A Walk Through It's Famous Temple Of The Cupid (10/2017) Far East Adventure Travel relies on support from listener's like you. Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel for as little as $1/month. Visit my Patreon page to check out the offers now! Qixi Festival is Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan, China, and wherever there is a large ethnic Chinese community. There are also versions of it in Korea and Japan. If you want to find out more visit: . It's such a lovely but bittersweet story and inspiring enough to send young women and men to Taipei, Taiwan's famous Xia Hai Temple, or City God Temple to pray to it's Cupid God for a future husband or wife. It's especially busy during the Qixi Festival, which falls every year on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. Like it's western counterpart, February 14th's Valentine's Day, it's been commericalized by sweets and chocolate companies, florists, hotels/resorts and restaurants. Join me for a visit to this famous "Temple Of The Cupid"  in Taipei, which is also famous for having the highest densities of Gods in all of Taiwan's 13,000 temples. Help others discover Far East Adventure Travel! Take a moment to write a review:    

An Adventure And Pilgrimage To India's Southern Tip-Kanyakumari (10/2017) Become a patron of Far East Adventure Travel and support travel inspiration from Asia. Get access to exclusive content and follow the link now! A visit to Kanyakumari, India is certainly a buck list item for anyone who loves the subcontinent. Being at the very southern tip it’s a popular destination mostly for Indians seeking a pilgrimage although with the emerging middle class in the country it is becoming just as much a vacation destination combined with a spiritual journey.Having spent a few weeks traveling through Kerala it was hard to resist an extra 3 hour bumpy bus ride from Kovalam Beach to the southern tip of India.With limited time I had to literally jump off the bus, find a place to stay, and make my way for the ferry line-up to visit the small little islands, or rock outcrops that were home to shrines.The first stop on the ferry ride is at Vivekananda Rock Memorial where a shrine was built in 1970 honoring Swami Vivekananda who was believed to have attained enlightenment on the rock. The second stop was at The Thiruvalluvar Statue. The statue that rises 29 meters symbolizes wealth and pleasures.After I finished my trip to the monuments I explored the small town that must swell daily with tourists and pilgrims that arrive by bus, car, and train. It’s definitely a circus atmosphere, with carnival acts, horse rides, and a little amusement park for kids. Of course besides the other temples that pilgrims and followers make their way to including The Kanya Kumari Temple and The Gandhi Memorial Mandapam, the site where the great Mahatma’s ashes were kept before their final immersion. Just to see and meet Indians, many that had travelled hundreds of kilometers was absolutely fascinating.   

Live From Taipei, Taiwan Taking Random Questions “Travel in Asia” (10/2017)

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Hoi An, Vietnam-Boat Ride Through The Divine Ancient Town (10/2017) Please check out the offers on my Patreon page! Starting at a $1/month you can become a sponsor of Far East Adventure Travel and get access to exclusive content! Even with the large numbers of tourists that visit the ancient town of Hoi An it is still remarkably an enjoyable experience to see this jewel of Vietnam.  It’s really all thanks to the silting up of the Thu Bon River that probably helped to preserve or in reality froze the ancient town in time. Had it continued to flourish as a regular port of trade over time development and expansion would have most likely seen alot of these historic buildings cleared away for new larger structures.  In this episode I take a boat ride with one of boat ladies of the Thu Bon River. It’s really alot of fun taking a ride with these characters who will more than likely try to overcharge you at first, just hesitate or start walking away and the price will quickly drop by half. The non motor boat ride is my preferred way of cruising around the town. You won’t go as far as the motorized boats can take you but it’s much more relaxing having a boat to yourself as you are rowed silently past the beautiful waterfront of Hoi An. Thanks so much for listening!  If you like the podcast please write a review to help others discover Far East Adventure Travel:

Hanoi, Vietnam-Bun Cha(BBQ Pork)Revisiting The Famous Obama/Bourdain Meal-2016 (9/2017) Get access to exclusive content and insider info on my travels! Become a patron now! Visit my Patreon page and check out the offers! I had the pleasure of meeting Phuong and Cuong from Hanoi Free Tour Guides last year while visiting the capital. Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a fantastic organization that offers free tours for anyone visiting Hanoi. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the local culture as all guides are local students studying English eager to meet foreigners and show them around their city. You can basically ask for any kind of tour for the whole day if you like. You only have to pay for transportation if required and meals or drinks for your guide. There is no need to tip, in fact they will refuse any money offered.Only a few months earlier in Hanoi famous TV travel host and chef Anthony Bourdain hosted a special dinner with President Obama. The featured dish? A bowl of bun cha, the famous bbq pork meal of Hanoi.Although I do not eat pork myself I thought it would be interesting to talk about the dish that had gained so much attention in the United States and around the world from this famous meeting.We walked to a restaurant in the old quarter of Hanoi famous for bun cha. Phuong actually theorized that the Obama/Bourdain meal wasn’t hosted here because of the logistics of trying to protect the president in such a tight space.We had so much planned for this walk of the old quarter that was originally a Facebook live broadcast but only minutes after visiting the restaurant a huge tropical downpour started so we were forced to find refuge in a cafe. The rain lasted so long we were unable to continue the broadcast and were left with some interesting talk about bun cha and later a short conversation about ancestor worship in Vietnam.Thanks so much for listening!