Write Now

A weekly podcast for aspiring writers looking to find a healthy work/life/writing balance. Chock full of the encouragement, honest advice, and inspiration you need to write every day and retain some semblance of sanity. Recurring themes include books, coffee, rainy days, truth, beauty, lasers, dinosaurs, and all of your other favorite things.

Coffee Break 086: Sam Boush (9/2018)

Author and publishing veteran Sam Boush shares his insight into the politics behind book distribution, marketing, and becoming a full time writer.

Coffee Break 085: Jonathan Small (8/2018)

Writer and podcaster Jonathan Small dishes all about the wild and wonderful topics and people you can discover when you uncover a good story.

If and When Someone Steals Your Idea - WNP 067 (8/2018)

Has someone ever had the same idea as you or just downright stole it? Let's talk about how writers should handle idea theft and when to reclaim credit.

Coffee Break 084: Erin Forbes (8/2018)

Teen fantasy author Erin Forbes shares her unique perspective on self-publishing, as well as time management and how to market your book on social medias.

Coffee Break 083: Raul Vega (8/2018)

Podcaster and film sound designer Raul Vega shares his experience telling stories through sound with Hans Zimmer and developing his own audible mysteries.

Coffee Break 082: Cheryl Muir (7/2018)

Media strategist and life coach Cheryl Muir shares her experiences with personal branding, social media promotion, and thinking like an entrepreneur.

Coffee Break 081: Ginger Moran (7/2018)

Author and writing coach Ginger Moran exposes the vulnerability of storytelling, the pitfalls of literary writing, and why you should trust your characters.

Critics and You - WN 066 (7/2018)

How should writers approach criticism? How do we tell if it's constructive or not? Most importantly, should we allow criticism to affect our writing?

Coffee Break 080: Jason Pinter (7/2018)

Author and publisher Jason Pinter talks about the entire publishing industry—from a writer's daily time sacrifices to founding his own publishing house.

Coffee Break 079: K.A. Statz (6/2018)

Horror podcaster and writer K.A. Statz shares her thoughts on writing and self worth, opening up to criticism, and the surprising merits of scary stories.