Podcast Suggestions

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Hollywood Babble-On

Bigger than Liam Neeson's cock.

Hot Takedown

Where the hot sports takes of the week meet the numbers that prove them right or tear them down.

How Did This Get Made?

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.

How I Built This

How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world's best known companies and brands. If you've ever built something from nothing, something you really care about — or even just dream about it — check out How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz @guyraz. Follow the show @HowIBuiltThis.

How To Do Everything

We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.

HowStuffWorks: TechStuff

What exactly is RAM? How do remote controls work? Join Chris and Jonathan each week as they bring you the latest and greatest TechStuff in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.com.


IDEAS is CBC Radio's program of contemporary thought. The show's content is wide-ranging. From the French thinker Simone Weil to ideas about oceans. From ice cream to Einstein. Dante to spy novels. Robin Hood to the culture of pain. Almost any subject can become an IDEAS program, as long as there's an important idea at the core and a fascinating story to be told.

Idle Thumbs

A weekly video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity. Hosted by Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Danielle Riendeau, Sean Vanaman, and Nick Breckon.

In Our Time

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas

Inquiring Minds

Each week Inquiring Minds brings you a new, in-depth exploration of the place where science, politics, and society collide. We’re committed to the idea that making an effort to understand the world around you though science and critical thinking can benefit everyone—and lead to better decisions. We endeavor to find out what’s true, what’s left to discover, and why it all matters with weekly coverage of the latest headlines and probing discussions with leading scientists and thinkers.