What others say

Podcatcher Deluxe

"Easy to use & works great! After downloading other podcasting apps and they wouldn't find/load the ones I wanted, I tried out Simple Podcatcher and it worked easily and beautifully. I then upgraded to Podcatcher Deluxe to be able download specific podcasts to my phone. I also emailed the Dev with a question and he was very quick to respond. I highly recommend this app!" Kristie Cochran

"Ah. A great podplayer... Really sad about the demise of HPs Touchpad but thank the developer for creating an Android version of this easy to use podcast player at a great price. Really enjoy the download ability for off line listening. All for a buck! Look forward to the addition of an ability to tell which ones I have heard through bolding or the ability to delete the heard ones." Paul Gillin

"Great app! Please add username / password for websites that require authentication to their feeds. UPDATE - Latest update provides username/password authentication to feeds! Awesome! Thank you!!!" Edward C.

Video Podcatcher Deluxe

"Works great and saves me time. Have been using it for about a month now on a daily basis. Automates my podcast download and playback, saves time and simplifies the task. Mostly use it for video podcasts on my nexus 7 and audio on my nexus 4." Harvey Fogel

"Great app! Audio works perfectly and video playback is great. No problems importing from OPML. Another home run!" Nich Gatton

"This is a well-designed app and I would highly recommend it. I had a problem locating the rss feed for a particular video podcast. The app developer found it for me very quickly so I think any support issues or questions in general on making this app work for you would be dealt with promptly. I have no technical issues with its operation or performance - it just works well presenting excellent video quality." Kenneth D.

"Works great and is easy to use." U. C.