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Born and bred on Long Island NY, we showcase our many unique friends, their personalities and life stories in natural organic conversations that grow when a bunch of friends get together

A Way with Words

A Way with Words is a fun and funny public radio show about words, language, and how we use them. Hundreds of thousands of language-lovers around the world tune in each week to hear author Martha Barnette and dictionary editor Grant Barrett take calls about slang, grammar, English usage, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, and speaking and writing well. The program is a fresh look at the pleasures and delights of language and linguistics, words and speech, writing and reading. Language-learners, ESL, ELT, and TESOL folks will find it a treat.

Adventure Travel, Far East

Far East Adventure Travel. Inspiring, entertaining. Let John Saboe take you on journeys filled with spiritual celebrations and rituals, ancient festivals thrilling wildlife safaris, trekking and climbing quests and a vast array of food cultures. Learn about cultural differences, village life, urban exploration, street food, history and architecture in places like Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. Stories, advice, and conversations from one of the most exciting adventure destinations on the planet-Asia.

Africa Today

African news and analysis from the BBC's Focus on Africa and Network Africa programmes; the Africa Today podcast contains the day's top stories from the continent.

Alliteration Am Arsch

Bastian Bielendorfer und Reinhard Remfort haben sich vor einigen Jahren bei einem Dreh für das ZDF kennengelernt und schnell rausgefunden, dass sie eine gemeinsame Vergangenheit teilen. Beide kommen aus dem tiefsten Ruhrpott, beide waren die dicken Kinder in der Klasse und beide haben mindestens ein "Sachbuch" geschrieben. Heute stehen die beiden vor der Kamera, auf Bühnen und sprechen in Mikrofone um Wissen zu verbreiten und den Menschen in Ihrer Umgebung ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern.

Amateur Traveler Podcast

The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and the best places to travel to. It covers everything from knowing what to put on your Chicago dog when you go to the Windy City to swimming with whales in Tonga.


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